Auxiliaries for agriculture

If you either perform seeds-treatment (Dressing), or trade fertilizers and/or pesticides, or manufacture and/or trade general farming products, and you wish to improve your product perfomance and quality, reduce the costs and get the technical advisory and assistance of a worldwide leader, who manufactures monomers and polymers with breakthrough technology (SNF - FLOERGER from France), please proceed to read what follows; if not, get rid of this information (or just keep it in case you change your mind) and continue with your present formulations and manufacturing procedures.

So far, the new products (general additives) for farming industry have been enetring the country between three and seven years later than their effective application in high developed countries (Europe, US, Japan, etc). Once they arrived they were new here but in those countries they were already obsolete (that is why there has always been a great technological gap among the products).

Now our proposal is to develop your new products, with the same state-of-the-art auxiliaries and additives that are being used or are starting to be used in those countries.

These products are only two, available in different versions, and they are revolutionary within the agricultural sector worldwide, because of their qualitative advantages given to the final products and their easy way of use. The products and their advantages are briefly as follows:

Product Name

Active Substance

Main Function

Application Advantages

AQUASORB 3005 KL (granules)
KM (powder) and 
S (ultrafine)

Copolymer Acrylamide and Acrylate salts

Super Absorbents 
(water retainers)

Increases lawn and grass growth with minimum irrigation or rainfall. Increases plants, bushes and trees growth with minimum irrigation or rainfall. Plants conservation for long distance transportation. Ideal for hydrosowing. (mountain and hard access areas). In seeds coating, it improves germination by  25% increasing the development of roots during the first growth phases.

FLOBOND A30 y A13 (powder)
T40 (tablets)
L33 (emulsion)


Reduces 95% soils erosion and increases 50% its permeability

Increases soils cohesion. Reduces loss of fertilizers and pesticides susceptible to be carried away by water in soils and surface. Improves the germination rate in those plants susceptible to incrustration.  Ideal for hydrosowing (together with Aquasorb).

Aquasorb and Flobond are manufactured in France by SNF Floerger, a company that has 1000 employees (30% of them in technical development), ISO 9001 regulation and worldwide leaders in diapers superabsorbents, polymers for efluents treatment, thickeners for petroleum and mining, additives and auxiliaries for textile and paper industry, products for cosmetic industry and much more industries.

Vortex Argentina S.A. has been manufacturing pigments, colorants, and auxiliaries for textile stamping, cosmetics, paints, adhesives, seeds coatings and other industries for more than thirty years, and it is the exclusive distributor for Argentina of all the products Flobond and Aquasorb (Farming), Floprint (textile) and Flocare (cosmetics) of the French Company.

If you are interested in products for agriculture, please contact us and we will give you further technical information on each one of the products, as well as the suggested method for each final application and some samples upon your request.

We appreciate very much your attention and hope to be of further assistannce in helping you improving your products and keeping you informed and updated about the latest worldwide developments in agriculture.

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