Our History

Vortex Argentina S.A. was established in 1968 by two engineers José Villanueva and Amadeo Mirón.
At the beginning, high speed dispersors and pearl mills for chemical industry applied to ink milling were designed and manufactured, especially for home and industrial type paints.

Later, these and other equipments for organic and inorganic pigments milling were set ready, and other machineries for different industries were developed, such as vacuum filters, pneumatic pumps, paint equipments, automatic packagers, etc.
As time went by, equipment exports for Latin America were greatly encouraged, exporting almost 70% of the manufacture. 

By the mid ‘70´s  the outsourced manufacturing of different products for industries such as paper, paints, printing inks, adhesives, soaps, textile; among others started. 

At the same time the trading of pigments microdispersions aimed at these industries began, under the trademarks TEX (textile), TON (waterbased paints toners), SINT (synthetic paints toners), TOLUEN (special paints toners), and JAC (general cosmetic pastes toners).
In the early ‘80´s different products for textile screen printing were developed because this started to gain great popularity thanks to the development of  plain serigraphy per unit with aqueous products. There were also developed special tixotropic thickeners for oil drilling. 
By mid ´80´s the development of  powder pigments synthesis for self-supply begins, because the impossibility to import them originated its lack in the country. On the other hand,  the national powder pigments suppliers quality did not match the use and specific applications of the textile sector (regarding tones, yielding, cleanliness and mainly specific solidity). By manufacturing powder pigments there is a great cost reduction, a considerable improvement in the quality and independence from buying to local suppliers.

By the late ´80´s there was an incursion into textile screen printing per meter (rotary screens), and more specific pigments as well as different auxiliaries were developed for this sector. Already by the ´90´s leadership is gained in different sectors because of quality, price and service, and the export of pigments for textile stamping, cosmetics and paints started to increase.

In the year 1994 it is decided to divide and decentralize the company into sectors, thus, the products for petroleum industry begin to be traded and manufactured by Compañía Química Río Cuarto S.A., the machinery sector for chemical industry is traded and produced by Vortex Americana S.A., and the same happens with the chemical products by Vortex Argentina S.A. We will focus in the chemical division that produces and trades pigments and auxiliaries for textile screen printing, pigments and soap dying, paint pigments, adhesive pigments, watercolors, chalks, latex and rubber, paper dying, disperse dyes for sublimation Inks, and powder pigments for different applications such as printing industry, leather, non textile serigraphy, as well as all the uses previously mentioned.
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