About Us

Vortex Argentina S.A. is a company With over 40 years of experience in the market of Screen printing Inks.

We produce high quality products, manufactured under strict standard regulations, using advanced technology and knowledge.

We are leading manufacturers and sellers in the local market and we also export our products to about 20 different countries including America, Europe and Africa.

Our Products Lines are:

1) Concentrated water based microdispersions of pigments for Textile, Cosmetics, Paint and     other industries.
2) Water based screen printing inks.
3) Auxiliaries and Additives for textile screen    printing.
4) "Union Ink" Plastisol Inks manufactured in  Argentina under license of "Union Ink Co. Inc" -      USA.
5) Screen Printing Sublimation Inks.
6) Offset Sublimation Inks - ready for use.
7) Auxiliaries for Agriculture (from SNF Floerger - France)
8) Vortexclay Gelatinizers
9) Albatross Cleaning Products.
10) Powder Pigments
11) Powder Dyes
12) Pigments and Dyes for Inkjet.

We also produce and/or commercialize: Microdispersed pigments for Paints and Cosmetics; Powder pigments; Powder colorants (dyes); Gelatinizers; Additives for Agriculture (from SNF Floerger - France)

Having 100% Argentinean resources, we own two factories with 10.000 m2 where over 40 people work, day by day, coordinating their activities and giving the best of themselves in order to achieve Vortex objective: The best quality product at a competitive cost.

Our priority is the customer satisfaction and to achieve it  we are continuously investing in market research and products development in order to be at the forefront of the industry.

Based in 4 elements: Quality, Cost, Customer Service and Experience we have managed to obtain over 70% of the National Market Share.

Besides we have large experience as exporters. We have successfully conquered Associates in over 14 different countries of South America, North America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

We don’t want to find a simple distributor or client, we want a Partner who understands our policy and wants to be a part of our family.

We invite you to navigate in our web site and learn more about our history and products.

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We are willing to incorporate new Partners.

Carlos Villanueva
President of Vortex Argentina S.A.

Adress: Riglos 855 - Capital Federal - C1424AQF - ARGENTINA
Phone/Fax: (54-11) 4921-5242 / 4922-3373 / 4923-0305 / 4925-0044 / 4922-5573 / 4924-2948
E-mail: info@vortexarg.com.ar